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We’re creating better outcomes for startups and early stage investors

Southern Rocket

We are a collective of good agent investors with proven startup success

Together with our network we have a track record in making good decisions in early stage companies. Good decisions build better ventures; from matching the right investors to the right startups to help navigate the challenges of early stage companies.

Our Investment Process

Keeping with our values of being Transparent and Honest, our six-step Investment Process is out in the open for everyone so we’re all on the same page.

More Details

Amazing startups we’ve backed collectively

These companies represent investments made by the Venture Builders team, including some investments made privately and through angel groups such as Sydney Angels

The Builders



Decade of startup investing
Australia & International
Electrical Engineer
14 years in UK & France



Board director & CEO
Turn-around success
Actuary & Investor
Banking & Insurance
Financial modelling
Corporate governance



Co-founder; Multiple Biz
Built and exited
Tech & Product
Growth marketing
Fintech / Proptech
Software Engineer

Support Crew

Given the nature of the team being business builders, members would find themselves back into the deep-end that is startup land and take a step back from day-to-day investment decisions.

They however continue to actively support the startups we back.



Co-founder; Geoforce
Built and exited
Research scientist
Drones & mapping
Deep tech & data analytics
For-purpose businesses



Co-founder; MoneyBrilliant
Built and exited
Consumer marketing
Digital product innovation
CCO; uno home loans


Beyond our aspiration to make the process of capital raising more streamlined and packed with fair and valuable feedback, we want to contribute to the wellbeing of the startup community.

Think We’d Get Along?

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We are not reviewing any new opportunities at the moment due to the team either involved heavily in our portfolio companies or building their own startups.